“morgens, mittags, abends, nachts” was honored with a bronze nail by the German “ADC Junior Wettbewerb 2019”. This event is considered as one of the most important creative competitions in Europe. 
The content in “morgens” is constructed of extracts from personal interviews. The reader shall be able to “feel” the pain caused by medical treatment and suffer as a haptic experience through embossed typography.
Regarding the production of medicine, the pharmaceutical industry needs to follow strict conditions. It seems to be different when it comes to product design.  Therefore, the photographs in “mittags” show an unconventional use of medical treatment.
Singers often use their drug addictions as inspiration for their lyrics. It seems to be a common coping mechanism that allows them to deal with their issues. In other cases, drugs simply function as a metaphor for society's problems. 
As “the night” can be associated with anxiety or fear, this book deals with side-effects of five very well-known drugs. The content has been taken from the original package inserts. 

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